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Secure Data Room Review

Secure Data Room Review

Virtual Data Rooms, or VDRs are a specific type of online collaboration and file storage platform specifically designed for secure sharing of confidential business documents. They are typically used in M&A, IPOs, due diligence, real estate asset lifecycle management as well as capital raising projects that require safe storage, management and sharing of files that are critical to business with external third party. The best VDRs include a set of features that minimize the risk of sensitive data leaking to third https://wedataroom.com/sharefile-citrix-systems/ party.

A secure VDR must be inaccessible to unauthorised users. they typically offer features such as restricted permissions, click trails dynamic watermarking, and more to prevent the accidental disclosure of personal information. VDRs are vulnerable to human error and need the right training to ensure safe and efficient VDR usage.

If your VDR is protected by security that is bank-grade but is still vulnerable to 71% of typical attack vectors that involve human error, it won’t really provide much protection in the least. For example, most users have a screen-grabbing software application on their personal computer such as Snag-it, Paint or the Windows Snipping Tool – these applications can create screenshots of documents in your VDR and reveal confidential content to unauthorised individuals. Check if the VDR solution you’re using has a strong security system to prevent users from sharing login credentials. Most VDRs do not limit the number of times that a user can access and log out, meaning that a single individual could potentially access documents 30 times.

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