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Principal List: Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

Principal List: Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

Very early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec is a few micro-posts that contain details I’ve compiled through the years about a lot of Quebec’s original settlers. Record just isn’t extensive. It has surnames from my children trees also family woods I worked tirelessly on together with surnames that appear in my personal First places, Metis and Mixed-heritage tasks.

Very early French Canadian Pioneers: Index L aˆ“ Z

Each micro-post starts with marriages from beginning people. These currently sourced at tasks including the Fichier Origine and BMS2000. It’s my job to consist of related surnames. Those surnames are typically produced by my own families forest and BMS2000 but i have additionally provided relevant earliest places or Metis surnames from my personal transcripts.

More articles have website links to other information on this great site (for example. headstones, relationships and census reports). In many cases We url to Basic places, Metis or mixed-heritage records from my transcribed data including that surname. Although the reports involved carry alike surname they might or may well not hook up to the beginning French Canadian partners.

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Louis Garnaut was a rogue Garneau and does not squeeze into the Garnaud aka Garnault individuals? Have you got any details on your? marriage 1686 (about) RIVIERE OUELLE, QUEBEC (II)-Marie Anne Huot born January 9, 1666 Riviere Ouelle, Quebec * girl (I)-Nicolas Huot dit Saint-Laurent b-1629 and Marie Fayette b-1641 **; first married Louis Garnaut about 1686; 2nd relationships January 8, 1689 Riviere Ouelle, Quebec Jean Pelletier. Riviere Ouelle, Quebec was 10 miles to the west of Kamouraska on south-side of Saint Lawrence River, * it was created in 1672 most unusual. **They comprise hitched 1662 in Quebec, moved to Chateau Richer 1662 to 1664 next to Riviere Ouelle 1666 to 1668 subsequently returning to Chateau Richer 1670 to 1680 then back again to Quebec in 1682. Nonetheless Nicolas Huot was still noted at Riviere Ouelle omgchat in 1682?

I’m in search of possible ancestors at the Kahnawake reservation, and found the next surnames from my family detailed indeed there: Desjardins, Lafrance, Langlois.

Hello Tina, I really don’t cost fees. Everything we can create is actually run offline via e-mail making sure that no private information is provided in error. After that if we generate an association i’ll publish something about the surnames in question through the change associated with twentieth century. We’ll contact your this evening from my personal family computer. Evelyn

My grampa constantly said I found myself french canadian my personal finally title from their area try Lecomb iwas questioning should you ever heard that label before

Hello Brittny, It really is great to meet your. Lecombe with a quiet aˆ?eaˆ? right at the end almost certainly occurs as a French Canadian surname. Should you want to you are able to get in touch with myself in the appropriate email address: evelynth at (upgrade with ) i will be quite busy on the subsequent day or two creating the Festival of Postcards but i am going to reply later on. Evelyn in Montreal

I am pagne range. I’ve explored in vain for informative data on this range. I am thinking if you could point me for the proper course. Great work in addition. Really an excellent thing that you will be starting right here. ?Y™‚

Im soon after up on the earlier emails. I am aware that you will be active, but happened to be your capable of finding something with this line? I’d enjoyed any little tid bit you can offer.

Hi, my children record are Leblanc, Girard, Sutton and Mcginnis. We wondered when you yourself have everything in it. I’m able to promote more information on brands and such. I additionally have always been trying to find images of very early gaspe quebec, eg Newport, Chandler, Pabos and Cascapedia. Cheers Mary

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